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The Beltron GmbH was founded in year 1966 as „Beltron-Xenon-Impulslicht GmbH“ with headquarter and production in Offenbach. At this time, Beltron produced only Xenon lamps for the copy market as well as for cameras. After a few years the production was to small and the whole company moved to Rödermark near Offenbach.
A companies plot was purchased in the industrial area and Beltron built a new, modern manufacture.

  Dieter Geyer, former Managing Director of Beltron GmbH - which now is guided in the second generation of his sons, Andreas und Thomas Geyer.  

1970 - Removal to Rödermark
The Beltron Gmbh moved to Rödermark near Offenbach. A companies plot was purchased in the industrial area and Beltron built a new, modern manufacture.
The building of the Beltron GmbH with the former trademark from the seventies.

1975 - Development of Copying equipment for offset and screen printing.
In the mid-seventies the expansion was so strong, that Beltron decided to start the development of copying equipment for offset and screen printing. After a short time a new factory was built. In this factory Beltron produced also the sheet metal housing and the control cabinets. An own Beltron painter´s shop made the company independent from outside production.

The left picture: Technical Office for engineering and Recursive Development. The right picture: Testing of double-sided uv-dryers.


1982 - Development of Copying unit for screen printing - BELTROCOP S
BELTROCOP S, suitable for all kinds of templates.
Self-supporting all-steel model. Rubber cover with extremely hard surface with 2 or 4 exhaust nozzles (depending on size).
  Beltrocop S  
  directly to BELTROCOP S  

1983 - Development of The Combination copying unit BELTROQUICK with horizontal Screen drying cabinet
For exposure and drying of screens. A compact solution when space is a problem.

  Die Kombination  
  directly to The Combination  

1984 - Development of UV Bridge with or without shutter
Air-cooled uv bridges are suitable for retrofitting into existing printing lines or plants. With a working width of 20cm - 2 m,  the performance of 80 - 200W/cm available.
  UV-Brücken mit und ohne Verschluss  
  directly to UV Bridge with or without shutter  

1987 - Development of Thermo-Dryer BELTROTHERM
Predrying and curing of photosensitive inks and soldermasks -single or double sided- on flat or V-belt transport system, curing of conductive carbon, silver, copper inks, two component inks as well as all thermal drying inks.
  Thermische Trocknungsanlage  
  directly to Thermo-Dryer BELTROTHERM  

1989 - Development of Double-Sided continous-dryers
Uv curing and uv post-polymerisation of photoimageable soldermask on printed circuit boards and flex-boards.
  Doppelseitiger UV-Trockner  
  directly toDouble-Sided continous-dryers  

1999 - Development of Instant Starting Copy-Lamp BELTROLUX D
The ecological alternative for exposure of screens. The Instant Start Copy Lamp BELTROLUX D can be used for horizontal and vertical exposures.
  Sofortstart Kopierlampe Beltrolux D  
  directly to Instant Starting Copy-Lamp BELTROLUX D  

2000 - Development of UV Mini Bridge
Complete unit ready for operation with existing conveyance equipment, comprising a Uv lamp unit with pneumatic shutter system and a power unit (lamp ballast), designed for continuous operation in the small-format printing sector, i.e. paper, sheet glass, plastics, foils and metals.
  directly to UV Mini Bridge  

2005 - Development of MINI-COPY-FRAME S
For exposure of small and medium screens from above.
  Mini-Kopierrahmen S  
  directly to MINI-COPY-FRAME S  

2007 - Development of Stationary UV dryer BELTROSTAT
The uv dryer BELTROMAT is used for uniform drying / curing of uv coatings, adhesives, and is particulary suitable for use in the production of small series, with repairs and in the laboratory. Also suitable for higher substrates in which a laterial irradiation is necessary.
  Stationärer UV-Trockner BELTROSTAT  
  directly to Stationary UV dryer BELTROSTAT  

2008 - Development of UV lamp service- and safety-set
An essential addition to existing maintenance and safety.
  UV-Strahler Service- und Sicherheitsset  
  directly to UV lamp service- and safety-set  

2009 - Development of UV dryer Slimsize
The Slimsize uv dryer is ideal for use in existing systems and is suitable for products such as paper, cardboard, foil, glass, circuit boards, plastics, wood and metal. Due to its overall width of only 600 mm it can be integrated in any system concept (also later on). The UV-dryer is available with one UV lamp or as double-sided UV dryer with one UV lamp above and 1 below the product.
  UV-Trockner Slimsize  
  directly to UV dryer Slimsize  

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