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Beltron GmbH - UV Chamber

Applications of the UV-chamber are numerous. Besides the standard tasks such as curing and glueing, the chamber
may be used for material testing and radiation for chemical and biolegical applications.

UV-chamber for laboratory and manual production, various UV emission spectra are possible due to combination of UV lamps and UV filter, manual lamp shutter or optional as automatic electric shutter with timer, high safety by interlocking the door during UV exposure resp. the shutter can not be opened while the door is open, equipped with operating hours counter and capacity code switch (50%/100%) as well as a footswitch to start the curing process, even and homogeneous radiation in the UV-chamber, lamp unit with 850W UV lamp (other power optional), high UV intensity due to computer optimized reflector geometry, UV-chamber completely equipped with special reflectors, radiation area max. 400 x 300 mm. Due to the large equipment door the unit is capable of handling larger/higher materials. Our air-cooled system guarantees a low-heating UV-chamber.

The UV chamber is used successfully in:
electronic industry, textile industry, packaging industry and automotive industry.
These are just a few examples from the various partner portfolio of Beltron.

Advice to UV Chamber:
Phone: +49 (0) 6074-89199-0 or E-Mail:

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