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Beltron GmbH - UV-Stick I & II

Special Measurement device for investigation of the UV-dosage, UV-intensity and temperature.

The Beltron UV-Stick is obtainable by voting as a UV-A, -B, -C – multichannel measurement device. The new developed device has its operation area at industrial UV-Hardening utilizations and shows the total intensity of the radiation in mW/cm² and the dosage in mJ/cm². The UV-Stick enables the operator to record the UV-intensities and UV-dosages as well as the temperatures (UV-Stick II) in tubes / bottles.

During the pass through, the sensor is mounted by a dummy, which is provided by the customer. The small size and extremely small weight allow UV-measurements under realistic conditions. For a measurement, several integrated UV-sensors will be used. Via microprocessors the UV-intensity at various UV-areas will be measured separately but at the same time. The UV-dosage will be calculated separately in the single areas via the time of radiation. The user gets not only information about the total energy, but he can record the UV-areas individually. The measurement sensors are located side by side on the cylinder shaped wall of the housing of the UV-stick.

All data will be stored on a Micro-SD-memory-card and can be uploaded on a PC, edited and saved. This enables e.g. to draw up and record a history based on the measurement values of one or several lamps by way of graphics.

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