Beltron GmbH | NEWS 2015

  July 2015

BELTRON - LED-UV Chain Conveyor


Product report - LED-UV Chain Conveyor

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  June 2015  

BELTRON - Mobile UV bridge


Range of use:
The mobile UV-Bridge form Beltron is perfect for a flexible and variable use around the ambit UV-Radiation, experimental purposes and research...

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  February 2015  

BELTRON - LED-UV Chain Conveyor


Range of use:
With the LED-UV Chain Conveyor you can dry all UV-reactive materials like e.g. protection lacquers with thick layers, gluten, resins and UV-varnishes. So far conventional, mercurial UV-lamps are used for the hardening process, but in the meantime the more efficiently and environment friendly UV-LED-Technology represents a well-tried option.
Different to quicksilver steam lamps, the LED- Hardening uses semiconductor LED’s for the generation of ultraviolet (UV) light. BELTRON use the advantages of the UV-LED-Technology with maximum of performance, reliability and UV-Energy.

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Beltron GmbH | NEWS 2014

  July 2014  



>>> Predrying after soldermask coating

>>> Evaporation and drying after wet lacquer coating

>>> Final Curing photo soldermask after exposure and developement with UV-bump before

>>> Drying after full surface screen printing horizontally or vertically

>>> Drying of screen printing products after partial screen printing

>>> Drying of printed electronics and membran switches

>>> Dryer for photovoltaics, thin film production, hybrid technology

>>> Beltron Thermal curing equipment


January 2014

BELTRON - Exhibition Report productronica - Der Siebdruck


„BELTRON set new standards in UV-drying“

More than 38.000 people visited the 20th Productronica. It is the international exhibition for innovative production of electro equipment. From 12th till 15th November1.220 exhibitors showed the novelties of the electronic industry. A great success was the productronica this year again for the manufacturer of UV-driers- and thermic drying devices BELTRON GmbH from Rödermark near Frankfurt /Main .

Together with the business partner AHK Service & Solutions GmbH und ELGET Ingenieurbüro the BELTRON-Team was available for its customers from all around the world for advices and actions.

From left to right.: Andreas Harsch (AHK), Andreas Geyer (BELTRON), Diethard Kapp-Schwoerer (AHK),
Kurt Günther (ELGET), Patrick Houstecky (BELTRON)

Additionally to the well-tried UV- and thermic systems, this year BELTRON presented a new -UV-Drier. The BE 15 is a LED-UV-Drier with 15 cm breadth and integrated transport line. So far conventional mercurial UV-Lamps were used for the hardening process but in the meantime the more efficient and environment friendly UV-LED-Technology is a well-tried and better choice.

Different to quicksilver-steam-lamps the LED-Hardening uses semiconductor LED’s for the generation of ultraviolet (UV) light.
BELTRON uses the advantages of the UV-LED technology with a high performance, reliability and UV-Energy.

Furthermore BELTRON presented a new series control. All UV-Driers are equipped with this control. You do have the possibility to call actual process values of your UV-Drier by using an APP on your mobile phone or tablet PC, which is obtainable for free via the internet. By using this APP, you can switch digital signals as well as you can change analog values.

By this improvement BELTRON again did recognize the requirement of the end user and did set new standards in the UV-Drier technology.

The new LED-UV Drier BE 15 from BELTRON



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